Humphrey Fellow speaking May 4th: Cameroon Education for Women and Girls

Chin Idirisu Medorni, Humphrey Fellow 2010-2011, Cameroon

Room 184 Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
Wednesday, May 4th 2011 12:30- 1.30p.m

Cameroon is located in Central Africa and has literacy of 67% but most communities are far below 50%. In most communities women and girls are neglected as far education is concern. Most schools in Cameroon especially in rural areas do not have libraries and conducive learning environment like in the US. Even the tiny few with these facilities lacked appropriate infrastructure or capacity to manage resources for general good of the school and community. Public Libraries or facilities are virtually nonexistent and such students have no access to books, information, internet facilities and general conducive environment they need to support their learning and development. There are no facilities for teleconferences that enable useful exchanges and bridge building. Books for Africa, a US based organization has donated four 40 foot containers of books and some computers, each container has 22000 books and valued at $165000. All together 88000 books valued at $666000 to end the book "famine" in Cameroon and to create a resource centers that will act as hubs for schools and communities. This project will lead to improved access to books and information leading to higher quality of education. This will also result in job creation and improved access to information by communities. Above all the project will end the book "famine" in Cameroon, reduce illiteracy as girls education will encouraged and women as well as men will be trained in the resource centers.

This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP by emailing chin0083(at) OR chinidriss(at)

Idirisu M Chin over the past 17 years has held several leadership positions especially in Islamic Education in Cameroon. He was vice Principal, then Principal of Islamic High School Kumbo, Chief of Pedagogy and Administration for the Organization of Islamic Educational Establishment North Region of Cameroon. The Organization plays a vital role in promoting western education to muslim communities in Cameroon. He is in charge of personnel issues such as recruitment, training , promotion and salaries. Mr Chin has also served 15 years as a Senior Examiner of Ordinary Level History with the Cameroon GCE Board. Before leaving Cameroon for State Department award he is was the Coordinator of the Fight Against Corruption Through Schools (FACTS) Project a project by CRS and Government of Cameroon for Islamic Education for the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. He received a Bachelor's degree in History International Relations from the University of Yaoundé 1 , Cameroon. During his fellowship year Mr Chin will focus on Human Resource Management , he recently completed a three months internship at the Department of Human Resource management at the UN Headqurters in New York. He also focused on leadership , conflict management , non profit management and public sector ethics.
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