seeking nominations for Freeman-Stassen Award for International Activities (HHH students)

The Freeman-Stassen Award is given to the Humphrey student who has demonstrated the greatest achievement in the field of global affairs. The award jointly is presented by the Freeman and Stassen chairs.

Nominations are due May 4th, 2011.

Eligibility + selection
The purpose of this award is to challenge Humphrey School graduate students to excel in international activities. To that end the Freeman and Stassen Centers jointly offer a $500 award to a student or students who achieve excellence in international activities during their program at the Humphrey School. This award may be given for the following kinds of activities:

* Institutional innovation at the Humphrey School that helps strengthen the Institute's global programs
* A professional paper that addresses an international problem;
* A paper done as a part of coursework in the Institute or done independently of formal course work; or
* Fieldwork done in an internship as part of the student's regular degree program.

The criteria for evaluating the submissions include (1) academic rigor, (2) institutional innovation, (3) creativity, (4) contribution to policy design and implementation, and (5) contribution to the Institute and its programs. Nominations for the award must be made by the student's advisor with a brief statement (one page) of support. Students are encouraged to suggest their work to their advisors for possible submission. Advisors can submit more than one nomination.

Nominations will be judged by a committee of three faculty members who have substantial international involvement and/or experience. Awards may be given to two or more students. An award will not be given if a nomination of exceptional quality is not forthcoming. The decision of those judging the awards will be final.
To apply

A student must be nominated by his or her faculty adviser. Advisers will submit a brief, one page letter of support for the nomination. Advisers can submit more than one nomination. Students are encouraged to suggest their nomination to their adivser. Nominations are due Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Please email nominations to Sherry Gray at grayx260(at)

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