MPP alum Olga Reshetova working for Internews Ukraine

Olga Reshetova's profile photo"During the last year I have been working as a Grant Manager, overseeing all fundraising for Internews Ukraine:, one of the largest Ukrainian NGOs working to support empowered, independent and pluralistic media. Our mission is "to support European values in Ukraine through development of successful media. We are working on a quite diverse range of topics, important for the country, including, promotion of European values, improvement of journalism standards and media legislation, protection of media freedom and support to media independence, but, during the time I've been working here, we have been most focusing on resisting detrimental information influences and building people's capacity to recognize and resist Russian propaganda as well as support to internally displaced persons and conflict-affected communities.

 I have written more than 30 project proposals and a number of projects I have designed are currently being implemented in all regions of Ukraine, such as "United in Diversity" (funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy) project, aiming at building ties between Ukrainians of all oblasts and uniting the people for overcoming joint problems together, particularly targeted at the coverage of needs of internally displaced persons and support they can get in the community of temporary residence; Fellowship Program for Journalists from AR Crimea and occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts (funded by the International Renaissance Foundation) in the framework of which more than 36 journalists from the occupied territories, receive financial support for working and volunteering in traditional and new media of Ukraine, as well as training on journalism standards, news coverage and other issues and a number of other initiatives targeted at monitoring of Russian propaganda, promotion of European values in Ukraine, and even bringing Russian opinion leaders to Ukraine for seeing the real state of events with their own eyes.

There's been a lot to do for all our team and yet, there is a lot of job satisfaction. It feels really good to believe in what you do.

The more I work for the media NGO and the more I study the modern Ukrainian information space, the more I think about continuing the research I did about South Ossetia war, concerning the linguistic study of assertiveness techniques of media materials of the main Russian, Ukrainian and Western information channels for identification of the ways of manipulation and for discovering real motives. I have tried using the same methods of analysis on some materials - it is really fascinating..and sad to see, how the audience's consciousness is being pushed to certain conclusions - I believe, that this is exactly the case which happened to my home region."


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