2015 Humanitarian Crisis Simulation

Three ways to participate in the simulation:
·       Graduate students can sign up for a 1cr PA 5890 course at the Humphrey School (other UMN units will offer courses too, please check listings for Medicine, Public Health, GIS)

·       Interested volunteers please contact Ann O'Fallon at umnsim@umn.edu

·       Physicians and other professionals who are engaged in, or considering a career in humanitarianism visit http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/education/humanitarian-simulation/#sthash.0ymVfM9p.dpuf

Date: Friday, September 11, 2015 - 9:00am to Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 1:00pm
MINN is partnering with the University of Minnesota on an exciting professional development opportunity for practitioners and those interested in getting into international development and humanitarian assistance work. From September 11 - 13, 2015, MINN will support the University of MN in putting on a Humanitarian Simulation.   The Humanitarian Crisis Simulation is a 48-hour experience that is designed to immerse participants in an environment typical of humanitarian crises. The exercise begins with interactive sessions that cover important concepts, core standards, and best practices in humanitarian aid. The simulation will equip participants with knowledge, experience and skills that will assist them in working in any humanitarian crisis.
Participants are then divided into interdisciplinary teams representing multiple emergency response (ER) teams. ER teams must apply their skills and knowledge to assess a fictional area experiencing a humanitarian crisis. They will be expected to develop a plan to address the many problems of the region, including malnutrition, poor infrastructure, insecurity and violations of human rights. ER teams will experience living conditions that are common for professionals working in these conditions.
The exercise is developed and administered by professionals with extensive experience in humanitarian crisis management. The framework for the simulation is based on the Sphere standards for best practices in Humanitarian Aid with a special emphasis on the management of medical issues.

For more information on registration; contacts; and academic credits visit: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/education/humanitarian-simulation/

At Humphrey School, please contact Sherry Gray (grayx260@umn.edu)

Watch the MINN site for future updates on this exciting event!

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