OSI Europe, Regional Manager for Advocacy and Security Policy (Barcelona)

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Regional Manager for Advocacy and Security Policy
Department Open Society Initiative for Europe
Location Barcelona
Application Deadline August 4, 2015


We are recruiting for a position of Regional Manager for Advocacy and Security Policy of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, which also acts as a regional office created to think strategically, shape and align OSF’s work in Europe, in particular in the countries of the European Union and the Western Balkans. The ideal candidate will have ten years or more of experience working inside the public administration of some European country/ies on Home Security departments or organizations, and have a strong commitment to the defense of human rights in the pursuit of safer societies in Europe. Suitable candidates of migrant and other minority background are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job Profile

The regional manager will be part of the Open Society Initiative for Europe - OSIFE and s/he will report directly to Open Society Foundation’s regional director for Europe. Her/his primary work will be to develop and implement the strategy for advocacy work and collaboration with governmental bodies in the field of Home Security. The regional manager will lead, support and coordinate with different OSIFE colleagues, other Open Society Foundations units and other donors, initiatives with regional scope and impact in order to defend the principles, values and practices that guarantee an open society in the sphere of domestic security policy. S/he will work with national and local partners and stakeholders, with Open Society Foundations units and with international organizations and donors to identify and develop international advocacy campaigns with local, regional and national targets, but of a transnational relevance in Europe. The regional manager will provide the Open Society Foundations advocacy offices and programs with up-to-date information on regional issues related to home security issues. S/he will assist the advocacy efforts of the Open Society Foundations national foundations and Open Society Foundations programs in Europe with consultations, facilitation and capacity building.
The regional manager will work closely with the OSIFE colleagues leading portfolios that are related to internal security policies such as policing, the fight against terrorism, control of irregular immigration, border control, detention and other related fields; s/he will coordinate the advocacy and government collaboration components of these portfolios.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.
  • Work with the regional director for Europe to develop a strategy and work plan for advocacy and cooperation with governments
  • identify opportunities and then conduct direct advocacy with national and local authorities on domestic security issues
  • find opportunities, negotiate and implement direct cooperation and capacity building actions with local and national authorities and administrative units, including law enforcement agencies
  • consult and coordinate all the advocacy and government cooperation work with grant making, strategic litigation and other actions of the OSIFE team and, where relevant, other Open Society Foundations programs, offices and national foundations
  • identify, facilitate and support advocacy campaigns targeted at local, sub-national or national governments, and international organizations that are not part of the European Union institutions
  • consult and coordinate advocacy initiatives where relevant with other Open Society Foundations programs, the Open Society Foundations advocacy offices in Brussels and Washington, and national foundations.
  • commission and supervise research when it is necessary for the development of advocacy and government collaborations
  • organize field visits and monitoring of the context in the region and selected individual countries on issues related to home security
  • advise and support policy advocacy and public opinion campaigns by grantees, coalitions, co-donors and other Open Society Foundations partners


  • proven experience of ten or more years in governmental and policy-making structures dealing directly with home security is essential
  • bachelor’s degree (BA), or equivalent education or experience.
  • direct experience of work with frontline law enforcement officers and agencies is highly desirable
  • some experience of international advocacy or public diplomacy is desirable, especially experience of advocating towards different target institutions/contexts and in multi-stakeholder environments
  • experience of or relations with international police or judiciary cooperation, international institutions, think tanks or academia will be an advantage 
  • experience in capacity building inside law enforcement agencies or in their reform would be highly valued
  • dive or more years of experience of work in Europe, preferably in more than one country
  • demonstrable experience of working on issues related to the Open Society Foundations mission and values
  • demonstrable knowledge of the international relations and cooperation
  • fluency in English is indispensable; ability to work in other European languages is highly desirable.
  • strong policy advocate and networker, comfortable operating in official policy-making circles
  • team player, with ability to connect very different constituencies and internal Open Society Foundations players
  • ability to work with a decentralized team and to travel frequently
  • ability to draw on lessons-learnt from experience and to innovate
  • sensitivity to local context and ability to listen effectively
  • sensitivity to activism and political work
  • strong networking and convening skills
  • strong analytical skills and critical thinking
  • sustained interest in domestic and international politics and relations
  • ability to prioritize and make timely decisions
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