Aug 12 Global Conversations - U.S. Policy towards Africa

Africa is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. The continent is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and it’s become a draw for foreign investors from across the globe. After the “Obamamania” of 2008 subsided, the realization that Obama wasn’t going to overturn, or even prioritize, U.S.-Africa policy kicked in. Still, the U.S. has promised to promote “strong institutions, not strong men,” and to favor good governance and healthy economies over profit. How can U.S. policy live up to its promise and values while securing its interests in the region? On August 12, LaJune Lange, retired State of Minnesota Trial Court Judge and expert in human rights and international development, will lead a conversation on Africa’s unprecedented transformation.

The Minnesota International Center’s Global Conversations is a monthly program series on issues significant to the United States’ role in the global community. Based on the Great Decisions meeting model, Global Conversations feature presentations by a local expert followed by discussion.

About the speaker:

Judge LaJune Lange, a retired State of Minnesota Trial Court Judge, is an internationally-recognized expert in human rights and International Development conducting assessments and programs in Qatar, Tanzania, Rwanda, Brazil, Malawi, Norway, Kenya, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world. She is the founder and President of the LaJune Thomas Lange International Leadership Institute. Currently, she serves as Honorary Consul for South Africa, representing South Africans in Minnesota fostering partnerships and economic development.
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