HHH Prof. Goetz researching "social mix" policies in France, received Fulbright grant

Humphrey Professor and Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs Ed Goetz will be in residence at Mosaiques Laboratoire, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense in fall term 2015 on a research project: Analysis of ‘Social Mix’ Policies in France.  The project is funded by a Fulbright grant.

"This project is an examination of the major policy initiatives of the French government aimed at creating greater ‘social mix’ among disadvantaged families and middle class households. The French approach, because of its similarity to the U.S. strategy, offers an opportunity for comparative analysis of the social and economic factors affecting social policy implementation and impact.  Specifically, I will be collecting data on the 15-year implementation of the two major national laws in France aimed at social mix. The first, enacted in 2000 is the loi Solidarité et Renouvellement Urbains (SRU). The loi SRU requires all municipalities (communes) in France with more than 3,500 residents (the threshold is 1,500 residents in the central Île-de-France region) to reach a minimum of 20 percent of their housing units as social housing.  The second policy to be analyzed is the 2003 “Borloo Law,” named for Jean-Louis Borloo, the national Social Cohesion and Housing Minister, which calls for the demolition of large social housing estates (the grands ensembles) and their replacement with new housing developments that are socially mixed. This program is known as the programme national de rénovation urbaine (PNRU)."
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