MPP Armacanqui researching US Middle East policy at Hudson Institute

With the help of the Stassen  Grant, I was able to spend 10 days in Washington D.C. over the summer. The Stassen Grant provided me a great opportunity to work on developing foreign policy and to meet the people that implement it. While in D.C., I spent time at the Hudson Institute and conducted interviews for my professional paper on U.S. policy towards ISIS.

While at Hudson, I worked with the Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis, Richard Weitz. Richard and I researched a project for the State Department that focused on cross-domain deterrence. Our work developed an idea that new destructive technologies have the ability to challenge the perceived stability of nuclear deterrence theory. Therefore, cross-domain deterrence requires countries to assess their capabilities across respective domains – i.e. outer space, cyber space, air, land, and sea – in order to evaluate their deterrence capabilities against rivals.

In addition to working at Hudson, the ability to conduct interviews in D.C. for my professional paper was invaluable. My paper will analyze if ISIS has the robust organizational makeup required to translate themselves from a non-state actor into a state. The highlight of my trip was my interview with former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Cartwright, who is now the Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Eric Armacanqui
Master of Public Policy, May 2016 
Global Policy

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