MPP Zhou interns at AFS International (NYC)

With the help of Stassen scholarship,guidance from my faculty adviser Sherry Gray and recommendation of former Humphrey global policy chair--J. Brian Atwood, I am able to finish my summer internship in AFS Intercultural Programs Headquarter-- AFS International(AFS INT) in New York City. I worked as full-time intern in the Department of Program Development and Risk Management for 440 hours in total. 

While in New York City, I mainly worked on six programs, assisted in two programs and finished two memos. AFS, as one of the UNESCO’s consultative NGOs, is an international organization which provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. In order to fulfill AFS 2020 vision and take on the expectation of wider global intercultural learning experience from UNESCO, I am able to provide some policy recommendations(two recommendation memos about program’s development in China) for AFS INT to expand AFS program’s capacity in China and deal with stakeholder relations with government. Furthermore, I also worked on the risk management field, which includes completing PRIA(Partners’ Risk Internal Assessment) reports for 10 member states, record retention summary for all member states, World Cafe government regulation outlines recommendations and statistic analysis for medical claims.

In addition, I undertook the assignment of translating some English intercultural learning materials into Chinese for Department of Intercultural Learning. Also, I assisted in reconciliation projects and videos selection for AFS-UNAOC cooperation program.

As the intern in the nuclear department of AFS INT, my internship provides me with a more profound insight of practical application of global policy, deepening my understanding of importance of intercultural learning to create a more just and peaceful world. My logical and critical thinking abilities to work for an international organization are also enhanced. 
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