Visiting scholar Prof. Tao research on county level fiscal policy in China

[Abstract] “There has been a saying since the early period of imperial China, “If counties can be governed well, the whole country will be stable”.  County-level public finance is the basis of governing a county, Therefore it is necessary to make a comprehensive analysis of the fiscal resources of county level government, and how do the county government fiscal resources influence on the supply of basic public services at county level.

This report is divided into four parts
 In the first part, according to the form and content of county government revenue, this report mainly analyzes the three major fiscal resources of county governmentthe general public budget revenue, non-tax revenue, and debt revenue, and set up a series of index to evaluate the fiscal situation of county government in China.
In the second part, from the perspectives of a county's fiscal revenue, expenditure, transfer payments, this report mainly analyzes the fiscal stress and the institutional causes of the fiscal stress at county-level after the TDS.

In the third chapterbased on panel data of the 61 counties in Anhui Province, this report will use a fixed effect model to analyze the relationship between county-level fiscal situation and the public goods provision through the regression analysis.

In the fourth chapter, this report attempts to give some reasonable suggestions on how to release the county government fiscal pressure and strengthen the fiscal guarantee mechanism for providing basic public service at county level in China.”

Yong Tao is an assistant professor at Department of Public Finance, School of Public Economics and Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), China. She is Dean of Department of Public Finance as well. She holds a doctorate in public finance theory and policy from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 

 Dr.Tao mainly teaches the following courses in SUFE: Local public finance, public economics, public policy, public administration. She has been studying various topics in the field of local public finance for more than 20 years, such as intergovernmental fiscal relations, tax system reform, the fiscal behavior of local government, the county-level government fiscal problem and reform in China. Dr. Tao has had many papers and books on these topics published in China. 

At Humphrey School she worked on the mechanism of fiscal guarantee to strengthen the county level government for providing basic public services in China.

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