Sept 17 Talk on 4th cen CE Egypt

"The Councillor and the Clerk"
Roger Bagnall, Leon Levy Director, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University

Thursday, September 17th      2-4pm | 710 Social Sciences

Summary: Although we know the names of hundreds of thousands of individuals from the papyri of Egypt, it is hard to elicit the outlines of a personality for most of them. In this talk I try to draw out what we can know about two individuals living in the Great Oasis of Egypt in the fourth century CE. One was a member of the city council of a little-known city named Trimithis (the archaeological site of Amheida), the other a clerk working for a large landowner in the village of Kellis, located like Amheida in the Dakhla Oasis. Close examination shows that the two shared significant elements of education and cultural formation, and that they may not have been as distant socially as one might imagine.
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