Fellowships and Internships, Center for Global Security Research, Livermore National Labratory,

The center for Global Security Research (CGSR) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California is seeking to recruit qualified individuals from a broad array of disciplines to contribute to tis analytical and outreach activities. Multiple fellowships are available, including for individuals who are not citizens of the United States, with varying terms and conditions.

CGSR's Primary role is to catalyze broader national and international thinking about the requirements of effective deterrence, assurance, and strategic stability in a changed and changing security environment. It also seeks to identify whether and how technically-based solutions can address new challenges to national and international security. It is an intellectual bridge among the science, technology, and policy communities.

The Center's analytical agenda is loosely organized around five main thrust areas: (1) Russia, European Security, and Deterrence; (2) China, Northeast Asian Security, and Deterrence; (3) New Regional Challengers and Challenges; (4) The New Dynamics of Long Term Competition; and (5) The Future of Cooperative Measures to Reduce Nudlear Dangers. More details can be found at https://cgsr.llnl.gov.

To support this agenda, CGSR is seekin students from all university levels: post-doc, pre-doc, and undergraduate. As a general principle, research fellows will collaborate on joint research projects with leading laboratory experts while also conducing independent work. Asspointments are available for a minimum of a semester and a minimum of four years. Each fellowship provides a competitive salary with a budget to cover program activities, including travel. The Center is actively seeking to diversity participation by recruiting both inside the science and technology community and more broadly, including specifically individuals in the fields of security study and political science more broadly. Check out the links below.
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