Oct 23 "Sex & Patriarchy in Sigurd Hoel's Psychoanalytic Anti-Fascism"

The Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce
an upcoming event:  "Sex and Patriarchy in Sigurd Hoel's Psychoanalytic Anti-Fascism"
A Lecture by DEAN N. KROUK

Friday, October 23
113 Folwell Hall
East Bank, University of Minnesota

The Norwegian novelist and critic Sigurd Hoel was one of Scandinavia's most reflective anti-fascist intellectuals. For several years in the early 1930s, Hoel was in training analysis with Wilhelm Reich, the influential Austrian psychoanalyst who spent much of the decade in Scandinavia. In essays and novels, Hoel used Reich's theories of mass psychology and sexual repression to come to grips with the authoritarian mentality motivating fascism and Nazism. Reichian concepts traveled into Hoel's essays on Nazism, his interwar fiction, and his 1947 Occupation novel Møte ved milepelen (Meeting at the Milestone). Hoel used radical psychoanalysis to extend his urgent response to fascism and Nazism into a more fundamental self-analysis and critique of patriarchal forms of authority. 

Dean Krouk (Scandinavian Studies, UW-Madison) will explain how Hoel's literary contribution can be understood in the context of mid-century Freudian social theory, with its virtues and limitations.

Sponsored by the Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch and the Center for Austrian Studies.
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