Dec 2 “Challenges & a New Vision to End Poverty and Inequality in Laos”

“Challenges and a New Vision to End Poverty and Inequality in Laos” Phouthamath Sayyabounsou, Humphrey International Fellow, with commentary from Ragui Assaad.

Wednesday December 2, 2015 12:30 – 1:30 PM Andreas Theater (HHH Room 110)

Pizza and refreshments will be provided!

The world acknowledges and welcomes the historic success of the fastest reduction in poverty levels during the last decade, including Laos as the significant achievements of economic growth.
However, it has been evidenced how rising inequality prevented even greater progress in current poverty reduction and development trends in many countries like Laos. The presentation will
analyze some underlying reasons of the existing poverty and increased socio-economic inequality in Laos. It will also further explore the commitment and plans of government of Laos and
international organisations to eliminate poverty, reduce inequalities and enhance socio-economic
development in a sustainable manner by 2030 through the Post-2015 Development Agenda (SDGs).

Ms. Sayyabounsou is a Program Analyst in the Poverty Reduction Unit of UNDP Laos. She manages and provides technical support and advice to the UNDP regional office, UNDP senior management in Laos, and Government counterparts through the UNDP-supported socio-economic development
programs. Ms. Sayyabounsou holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Laos and earned her Master of Development Practice from University of Queensland in Australia. During her fellowship at the Humphrey School, Ms. Sayyabounsou is interested in strengthening her professional knowledge and practical skills in public policy analysis, especially cost-benefit analysis and effectiveness of socio-economic development policy and inclusive development implementation in order to address poverty and inequality issues in Laos.

Ragui Assaad, professor, researches labor policy and labor market analysis in developing countries with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. His current works focuses on inequality of opportunity in education, child health, and labormarkets, transitions from school-to-work, employment and unemployment dynamics, informality, labor market responses to economic shocks, international migration, and family formation. Assaad is a Research Fellow of the Economic Research Forum in Cairo, Egypt and serves as its thematic director for Labor and Human Resource Development. Assaad has served as a consultant to the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, the Ford Foundation, UNICEF and UNDP.   


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