Nov 20: African Green Revolution Event

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 12:00pm

Event Location:   ICGC - 537 Heller Hall

Dr. Rachel Schurman, Department of Sociology

Abstract: Over a span of ten short years, a group of old and new global actors has congealed around the goal of transforming Africa's diverse and heavily subsistence-oriented farming systems into a set of highly productive, market-oriented agricultural sectors. Drawing their intellectual rationale from modernization theory, and their inspiration from the twin discourses of a moral imperative to ‘help the poor help themselves’ and an impending global food crisis, these actors have collectively constructed a remarkable institutional architecture and set of discourses for carrying out their modernizing aims. This talk explores the contours of this new institutional architecture, the resources and capacities these global developers have at their disposal, and the networks and relationships they have created to catalyze this African "green revolution." The research draws on policy documents, data from donor organizations, and in-depth interviews with key actors.

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