Nov 4-5, Fall Human Rights and Culture Presentations, UMN Law School

HUMAN RIGHTS & Culture in Lebanon & South Africa
Wednesday, November 4, 12:15 pm- 1:15pm, UMN Law School (Mondale Hall, Room 20)

Hamze Haidar Ahmad – Lebanon Email:
Hamze Haidar Ahmad is the Head of Training at the Police Academy in Beirut, Lebanon, where he oversees, manages, and monitors the contents of the police training curricula. He is responsible for ensuring that these materials respond to public safety needs and follow international standards of human rights. Mr. Haidar Ahmad received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Culture and Education in Beirut, his Law degree from Lebanese University, and will soon earn his Master’s degree in Penal Law. During a one-year police training at the National Superior School of Policing in France, he researched and presented a thesis entitled, “Community Policing, A Renovated Institution: Between the Anglo Saxon Reality and the French Myth.” Mr. Haidar Ahmad is an alumnus of the John Smith Memorial Trust program in London, which seeks to promote good governance, social justice and the rule of law. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Haidar Ahmad would like to focus on international law enforcement and police training standards, as well as human rights and strategic management.

Thandiwe Matthews – South Africa Email:
Ms. Matthews is an attorney and the Senior Legal Officer at the South African Human Rights Commission. In this role, she facilitates national hearings and strategic impact litigation to hold parties accountable for systemic human rights violations. She was selected by the Mail & Guardian as one of their Top 200 Young South Africans for 2014. Ms. Matthews holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies at The Hague, Netherlands, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Witwatersrand, as well as a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Cape Town. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she will focus on public policy analysis to develop cost-effective policies to advance development in countries in the Global South.

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HUMAN RIGHTS & Culture in the Philippines & Haiti
Thursday, November 5, 12:15 pm- 1:15pm, MCTC L-1000

 Amelia Lourdes Mendoza – The Philippines Email:
Ms. Mendoza is the Presiding Judge of the 5th Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Zamboanguita and Dauin, Negros Oriental. As the head of the office, she exercises both judicial and administrative functions. She has published an article titled, “When the Lights Go Out in the Streets of the Metro: Conversations with Women in Prostitution.” Ms. Mendoza holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Arellano Law Foundation and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Santo Tomas. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she will study policies and prevention practices relating to trafficking in persons in order to create a Supreme Court Handbook on Trafficking to guide her fellow judges through the existing jurisprudence in the Philippines and to provide relevant procedures for easy reference. 

Nidson Augustin – Haiti Email:
Mr. Augustin is the Immigration Officer and System Administrator of the Border Control System at the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Haiti. In this work, he prepares monthly reports regarding passenger movement across the border and administers the network and ID readers at the airport as part of a team of four. Mr. Augustin designed the current database at the Malpasse land border with the Dominican Republic. He has completed a Crisis Management Training with both the US Department of Homeland Security and the International Air Transport Association. Mr. Augustin also participated in a 5-day Intelligence Analysis Seminar with the US Southern Command. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree and an LL.M. from the State University of Haiti. During his Humphrey Fellowship, Mr. Augustin will focus on U.S. officials’ responses to child trafficking.

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