PA 5190-003 Org Perspectives on Global Development, New Spring Course

How can we make international aid organizations more responsive to the needs of both the staff that work for them and the beneficiaries they are attempting to serve, while maintaining the support of their funders and working within the existing regulatory apparatus? 

This spring Carrie Oelberger is offering a new course (Tuesday / Thursday 1:00-2:15pm) that will examine the successes and challenges faced in these tremendously complex environments, including theoretical approaches from sociology, political science, psychology, public administration, and management, and using class discussions, mini-lectures, simulations, case analyses, group projects, and presentations. 

The goal of the course is to empower you with the skills to act under conditions of uncertainty in order to strengthen the work of any international aid organization, including NGOs, governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations, corporations, foundations, and international organizations. 

For more information, please visit CourseInfo, review the attached syllabus, and/or contact Prof. Oelberger for more information.

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