Development Specialist, Institutional Development (New York)

Under the guidance of the Communication for Development Specialist (C4D) Chief, and in regular coordination with C4D Senior Advisor and C4D Specialists within the Section, as well as focal points within Division of Human Resources, other Sections of Programme Division, other Divisions and Regional Offices, responsible for ensuring that UNICEF has a critical mass of technical capacity and staff, as well as readily available, vetted external expertise, to support the achievement of programme and humanitarian results for children through C4D.

Key Expected Results
- Develop and/or update organizational strategy and plan of action for strengthening technical capacity in C4D internally and externally to meet organizational demand and coordinate the planning and implementation of C4D action plan with the focal points in Programme Division, DHR as well as other Divisions, including a focus both on development and humanitarian action.

- Plan, commission, guide and/or facilitate, in liaison with regional and country offices, periodic capacity and learning needs assessments in C4D of staff across all levels of the organization as well as external partners in both development and humanitarian contexts, including identification of gaps in staffing, planning for rotation exercises and sources of external expertise.

- Guide and evaluate the roll-out of orientation and training for UNICEF staff and partners.

- Lead on, facilitate/ coordinate and support as necessary, the C4D Section's engagement with select Programme Division sectors to build evidence and capacity as well as provide technical support for strengthening C4D strategies and results at regional and country levels.

- Establish, manage and/or support collaborations and partnerships for development of organization learning courses, tools & materials; implementation of learning and training activities; monitoring and evaluation of C4D capacity interventions; sourcing and vetting of external expertise; provision of technical support; etc, both for development and humanitarian work.

- Develop and disseminate, through consultation with relevant stakeholders, technical recommendations, standards and guidelines for C4D staffing and recruitment; integration of C4D into existing institutional training and orientation including HRBAP, PPP and Senior Leadership Training; indicators for performance evaluation; and quality assessment of external expertise.

- Plan and coordinate sourcing, vetting and orientation of external expertise for technical support in development and humanitarian contexts.

- Guide and oversee the management and maintenance of established learning and capacity related resources and mechanisms such as the C4D websites (ICON, Training Toolbox, Internet etc), LTAS, consultant web rosters and surge staff lists.

- Plan for required financial resources, identify sources for fund raising, implement resource mobilization efforts for capacity building and manage internal and external allocated resources for 'capacity management and development' function of the C4D Section.

- Supervise the work of one professional staff member (P2) and guides the work of support staff &/or external consultants/ contractors.

- In all the above, ensure that all plans, recommendations, guidelines, standards, tools, training resources and materials are evidence based; reflect and reinforce UNICEF's core values of human rights, equity, gender equality and inclusion (disability/ethnicity etc); and underline the importance of interventions that are age and culturally appropriate, and responsive to local contexts.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate
- Advanced university degree in the social/behavioural sciences/ communication studies and/or human resource development

- Background in HR planning and/or administration/management and/or training methodologies an asset

- 8 years of progressively responsible experience in the development and/or management of training programmes in the area of development communication across different cultural contexts, with at least 6 years in developing countries.

- Experience in, or understanding of, strategic communication processes for behaviour development/ social mobilization /advocacy/ participatory communication/ development of creative materials/ research, training or facilitation of communication/ impact evaluation.

- Experience in recruitment and Human Resource Development an asset.

- Experience in, and understanding of, private sector processes for capacity development an asset

- Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of a second UN language (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish) is considered an asset.

Competencies of Successful Candidate
- Has highest-level communication skills, including engaging and informative formal public speaking.
- Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.
- Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.
- Has good leadership and supervisory skills; co-ordinates group activities, ensuring that roles within the team are clear.
- Quickly builds rapport with individuals and groups; maintains an effective network of individuals across organizational departments.
- Demonstrates and shares detailed technical knowledge and expertise.
- Translates strategic direction into plans and objectives.
- Negotiates effectively by exploring a range of possibilities.
- Seeks and proposes opportunities for advancing UNICEF's mission.

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