Feb 1 Student Reflections from India & China

Humphrey School PIRE trip--presentation  February 1 HHH 170
Join us for refreshments and an afternoon panel with STEP Students.

Last week, 16 STEP students returned from their trip to India and China, which they visited as part of the Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) project on Low-Carbon and Sustainable Cities. They studied the sectors of energy, transportation/transit, industrial development, and water and waste management systems to compare and contrast infrastructure and transitions across India and China.

In this STEP-FAR (Feedback and Research), the students will reflect on their experiences, covering not only their research topics, but also their personal observations from traveling in these countries and collaborating across cultures. They will share their learnings in short presentations, followed by a discussion panel with room for questions from the audience.

About the STEP-FAR Seminar Series
STEP FAR (Science Technology and Environmental Policy Feedback and Research) is designed for students, staff, faculty, and fellows to get together in an informal setting to discuss their projects, research-in-progress, opportunities, and a variety of other issues related to science, technology, environment, energy, and policy. It is a bi-weekly seminar taking place throughout the academic year. Learn more about STEP-FAR.
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