Jan 29 ICGC presentation on Univ of Pretoria--"Community by Design"

Friday January 29th, 2016   Noon-1pm
537 Heller Hall

Community by Design: Self-Reliance and Trusteeship at the University of Pretoria, 1948-2012
Presented by: Janeke Thumbran, Department of History

Abstract: Taken from her dissertation project, this presentation attempts to think through the history of a former all-white university in South Africa. It examines the institution’s attempts to create community during the apartheid period by conceiving of itself as a trustee of black neighborhoods in and around Pretoria. Looking specifically at how the disciplines of sociology, social work and architecture were used as the mechanisms for community and trusteeship during apartheid, she argues that the university’s policy of community engagement serves a similar function in the post-apartheid period.

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