Twin Cities to host first-in-U.S. Winter Cycling Congress

Twin Cities to host first-in-U.S. Winter Cycling Congress
By Bill Lindeke | 01/28/16

The Winter Cycling Conference got its start in Finland, where the small city of Oulu had become something of a winter bicycling mecca. Compared to most cold weather cities, in Oulu the winter mode share remained quite high, almost 25 percent.
“The first [conference] was held was three years ago in Oulu, the world capital of winter biking,” Tony Desnick, a bike advocate and one of the conference's main organizers, told me. “The purpose is for designers, policy-makers, planners, and advocates to come together and share best practices about how to normalize winter biking.”
After the conference moved to Winnipeg, Canada, in 2014, Desnick and a group of other advocates put together a bid for a Minneapolis conference. The bid included support from both Twin Cities’ mayors, local businesses, bike groups like the Bike Alliance of Minnesota, and some crucial funding support.
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