Feb 15: Environmental Economics and the Green Paradox

The Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce 
the next lecture of the Spring 2016 season:

Monday, February 15th

12:00 PM


"Fighting Climate Change? Environmental Economics and the Green Paradox"

What is environmental economics? How do economists use their models to deal with global warming? Do policies that are intended to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels actually contribute to this growing problem? This situation is known as the Green Paradox. In his presentation, Martin Baresch will focus on these questions. Bring your lunch and join us for the discussion.

Martin Baresch is the 2015-2016 Austrian BMWFW Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota. He studied statistics and economics at the University of Linz, Austria. Baresch has worked at the Department of Energy Economics at the Energy Institute at the University of Linz and is now a doctoral candidate studying economics there. His doctoral thesis is about environmental economics with a strong focus on the Green Paradox.

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