Feb 4: Jeanne Grant Speaking

The Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce 
the first lecture of the Spring 2016 season:

Thursday, February 4

4:00 PM
1210 Heller Hall

"The Many Lives of Jan Hus and Hussitism in Biographies and Appropriations"

Sponsored by the Center for Austrian Studies and the Center for Medieval Studies
In honor of last year's 600th anniversary of Jan Hus's execution, this talk is a reflection upon ways that Hus and the Hussite movement have been appropriated for religious, political, or other purposes through the centuries. It will also touch upon commemorations
during the sexacentennial year (2015) in the Czech Republic.

Jeanne Grant earned her doctorate from UC-Berkeley and now is an associate professor and chair of the history department at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She teaches European and World history and researches late medieval law in the Czech lands. She also serves as president of the Midwest World History Association.

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