HHH Goetz speaking Tues, Feb 23 on "Exclusion & Citizenship in French Urban Housing Policy"

The Freeman Center for International Economic Policy sponsors the Global Policy Seminar/Workshop series every other Tuesday. The sessions are held from 12:45 to 2:00 pm in the Stassen Room (Room 170) of the Humphrey School.
Freeman Center for International Economic Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, presents a Workshop on Global Policy:    Professor Edward Goetz, Humphrey School

Post-Colonial Echoes: Dilemmas of Exclusion and Citizenship in French Urban Housing Policy

12:45 - 2:00 pm  Tuesday, February 23
The Stassen Room (Room 170), Humphrey School, West Bank Campus

In 2005 the banlieues of France exploded in riots that lasted for nearly three weeks and spread to over 250 suburbs across the nation. Chief among the complaints of the disaffected immigrant youth who led the riots were police brutality and the socioeconomic marginalization of their communities. Despite decades of urban policy (politique de la ville) aimed at improving living conditions in the banlieues and integrating residents more fully into French life, the events of November 2005 repeated and expanded on themes of alienation that produced earlier riots in 1981, 1990 and sporadically since then. La politique de la ville grapples with a central contradiction in French political life: the ideal of citizenship and a single national identity on the one hand and the enduring reality of racism and discrimination against immigrants, notably those from North Africa, on the other. This basic tension dates to the end of Algeria’s violent war of independence from France and the still-unresolved challenges it posed to the French republican ideal.

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