HHH students--example of summer internship project--Refugees International (Wash DC)

2015 experience of MPP student Tori Duoos: "This summer I've been working directly with Senior Advocate for Human Rights, Sarnata Reynolds at Refugees International. She recently conducted a field mission to El Salvador and Mexico investigating situations of internal and regional displacement in relationship to gang violence. I have been able to support her in preparation for the trip as well as in conducting research for the written report which will be published later this summer. Additionally, I have been active in attending advocacy meetings regarding the continuing persecution of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, specifically advocating for international response to root causes, particularly during a time of upcoming elections for the country and expanding commercial markets and international business.Working on these specific issues has been great since my background is working in direct service with refugees in Latin America (Ecuador) and Southeast Asia (Cambodia).

Sarnata and I co-authored an article for the European Network on Statelessness released today: http://www.statelessness.eu/blog/generation-syrians-born-exile-risk-future-statelessness. The piece highlights the need for proper birth certificates for Syrians born abroad (specifically in Turkey) as a measure to prevent statelessness. Within the next few weeks Refugees International will be publishing a series of blogs I have written about a variety of issues including statelessness, humanitarian crises response and international protection for refugees.

Through Refugees International I have had the opportunity to attend some high-level meetings at places such as the State Department, Congressional hearings and Amnesty International. It has been a great opportunity to learn how advocacy works at a top level and how advocates for human rights work directly with policy makers to make positive impacts and changes"
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