ICGC Special Event Wednesday: Film "A Divided Community" & Discussion with Filmmaker

ICGC Special Event    Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
InFlux Auditorium, Regis Center for Art-East

Film Screening of "A Divided Community" & Discussion with Filmmaker Momo Yashima

A recent documentary by Momo Yashima, "A Divided Community" tells the stories of Yosh Kuromiya, Frank Emi, and Mits Koshiyama, three Japanese Americans who challenged the United States government’s decision to draft Japanese Americans to fight in WWII while they and their families were being held in America’s internment camps.

This screening is offered in collaboration with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, where the current production The Story of Crow Boy explores the life story of filmmaker Momo Yashima’s father, Taro Yashima, and his struggles with human brutality, racial discrimination and the ravages of WWII to build work of social conscience, compassionate insight, poetic visual form, and ultimately joy.


Event Details: Pre-screening reception at 5:30pm, with film screening at 6pm and immediate post-screening discussion with the filmmaker until 8:30pm.

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