Humphrey Fellow Molina Bolívar writes on global CSO Development Effectiveness

From Humphrey Fellow Juan Camilo Molina Bolívar:  "I would like to share a document that finally was published: "CPDE Global Synthesis Report 2015 The State of Development Cooperation, CSO Enabling Environment and CSO Development Effectiveness". My chapter written with Edgar Zamora (pp. 86) "Civil Society Enabling Environment in Ecuador" was selected as one of the 23 cases of the global analysis.

This is a document created for the Civil Society Organizations for Development Effectiveness, a global network wich I have been working last 10 years focused on increasing the civil society organization role in the development effectiveness policies and guided by a human rights based approach.

That because even though the development aid principles recognize their role, especially since the while AAA acknowledged the important role of non-executive actors, particularly CSOs, business, parliaments and local governments, the Busan Partnership agreement elevates these stakeholders to full development partners with an equal say in how to foster sustainable growth, reduce poverty and share prosperity. The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) emphasised multi-stakeholder cooperation to facilitate efforts to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development. Debates over a post-2015 Development Agenda have seen a notable shift in the development discourse since its formation in 2011.

This document complements a previosreport "Democratic Ownership and Development Effectiveness: Civil Society Perspectives on Progress since Paris" presented in teh IV High Level Forum fo Busan In that moment we wrote the chapter "Between the Progress of the Citizen’s Revolution and the Difficulties of Civil Society" (pp. 255-268)."

Camilo Molina Bolívar
Hubert H. Humphrey International Fulbright Fellow 2015-16
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota

Professor, Ethics, Social Sciences and Communication
Equinoctial Technology University of Ecuador.
Coordinator of the Observatory of the Development Cooperation.

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Minneapolis - MN 55455
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