Starting Monday: HHH CGPP hosts intern'l workshop "Using a Gender Lens to Advance Gender Equity Across Fields"

Using a Gender Lens to Advance Gender Equity Across Fields

Eighteen mid-career public leaders who are in the US studying as part of the US Department of State’s Humphrey International Fellows Program will spend four days (March 28-31) at the University of Minnesota, Humphrey of Public Affairs International Institute of Education Enhancement Workshop. 

The workshop is titled "Using a Gender Lens to Advance Gender Equity Across Fields” is hosted by the Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy with collaboration from many Humphrey faculty and staff, Humphrey Fellow alums, the Interdisciplinary Center for Global Change and community organizations including VoteRunLead and Men as Peacemakers.

The workshop will address the following inter-related questions:
      How does gender impact my issue and/or organization?
      How do gender norms about leadership impact my leadership strategies and effectiveness?
      What are the best strategies for addressing gender norms and gender inequality in my professional field?  And what can I learn and apply from other countries and other professional fields?

Workshop organized by Debra Fitzpatrick and Kristina Doan of the Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

 Trainers include HHH faculty Prof. Greta Friedemann-S├ínchez and Dr. Karen Brown, HHH staff member and alum Sook Jin Ong, Humphrey Fellowship alums Beaudelaine Pierre (Haiti 2008-09), Sarah Kyei (Ghana 2013-14) and Rawan Yaghi (Lebanon 2014-15).
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