Ap 13 To do 'l'histoire du genre' in France today

Didier Lett, Professor of Medieval History, Université Paris 7 – Paris Diderot

Wednesday, April 13 | 12pm | James Ford Bell Library

It is commonplace to say that gender history in France has not had the same development and success as in the United States (studies are largely much fewer and there is a lack of institutional recognition). But "l’histoire du genre" exists. Focusing especially on medieval gender history (in the "premodern world"), I would like, in this talk, first to explain how gender history was developed in France from American gender history and French women’s history. Next, I will share my thoughts on the main specificities (compared to the United States or, more generally, to the Anglo-Saxon countries) of French gender history.

Didier Lett is Professor of Medieval History at Université Paris 7 – Paris Diderot. His research interests include the history of childhood, family, parenthood, and gender, with a focus on themes of identity, intra-familial relations, and masculinity.
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