Director – Joint Peace Fund Technical Secretariat, Myanmar


The Joint Peace Fund (JPF) was established in late 2015 as a multi-donor trust fund to support national efforts to achieve a final and lasting settlement of ethnic armed conflict in Myanmar. In working towards this goal, the JPF will deliver coordinated international financial and technical assistance to the Myanmar peace process. The parties to the peace process, including the political dialogue, and the donors to the fund shall be the JPF’s principle stakeholders and participate in its governance and management.

A Technical Secretariat is currently being established to manage the JPF. The Technical Secretariat shall have overall responsibility for JPF programme operations, and for providing analysis, advice and support to the JPF’s governance bodies (including a High Level Committee, a Fund Board and State-Level Working Groups). The primary responsibility of the Technical Secretariat will be to solicit, receive and support the development of project proposals within the JPF’s priority areas.

The Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) has been contracted to manage the Technical Secretariat. NIS is a Norwegian-registered, non-profit foundation engaged in stabilisation and reconciliation initiatives in conflict and post-conflict areas. NIS’ primary areas of intervention are institutional development, public service delivery, and conflict resolution.

Essential function

NIS is recruiting a Director to the JPF Technical Secretariat. The JPF Technical Secretariat Director is responsible to JPF donors for the leadership of the Technical Secretariat, and will provide strategic direction to the programme areas relating to peace architecture, peacebuilding and research and innovation and ensure that the JPF is running as a responsive, flexible instrument in support of a nationally led peace process. Essential function include to establish and adapt JPF structure, processes and project activities, ensuring they reflect Myanmar’s current and emerging conflict context and are informed by international best practice, and guidelines and agreements in peacebuilding. The Director will build and maintain strong relationships and open and clear communication with all donor governments, Myanmar government, ethnic armed groups, military and civil society stakeholders, and act as an ex-officio member of the Fund Board and High Level Committee.

Please refer to the TOR for further details.

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