Fall online grad course on Immigrant Health Issues

The demography of American communities is changing dramatically, but many of our institutions have not kept pace with the needs of new African, Asian, Eastern European and Latino residents.

Policy makers, health care and social service providers and educators used to working with European-origin and Latino families are now seeing refugees and immigrants from places such as Afghanistan, Syria, the Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Laos, Tibet, Bosnia, Cambodia and the Sudan. In order to meet their needs, it is imperative to understand the context and motives for immigration, as well as the characteristics and belief systems of your clients.

PA 5451, "Immigrant Health Issues" is an online graduate course that addresses these issues. Students come from many different disciplines (health and non-health-related), but they share an interest in immigrants and refugees. The course includes numerous taped interviews with immigrants and providers, community work and guides to conducting research.

Katherine Fennelly
Professor Emerita
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota
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