HHH Dir of Admissions Luitjens at Salzburg Global Seminar

Attending the December Salzburg Global Seminar offered an incredible, interdisciplinary opportunity to consider issues facing testing and how it is utilized and can be leveraged for innovation around the world and across systems. My fellow attendees ranged from neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, grassroots program developers, and higher education faculty and staff and more, from the U.S., Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Having the opportunity to learn about how each of our respective experiences, expertise, and roles intersected and complimented each other was fascinating and energizing. I gained new insight and a great sense of hope for the future of education and innovation happening around issues shared around the globe. I am very thankful to the Humphrey School, the Seminar, and the McKnight Foundation for their support!

Amy M. Luitjens, MPA
Director of Admissions | Humphrey School of Public Affairs | hhh.umn.edu
301 19th Avenue South, Suite 280
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