iCOMOS, 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science


2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science

APRIL 24−27, 2016

The Science Behind One Health, at the Interface of Humans, Animals and the Environment


iCOMOS is a global forum to (i) communicate the importance of science in solving pressing health issues at the interface of humans, animals and the environment; (ii) facilitate interdisciplinary, international collaborations embracing health, science and economics; and (iii) inform public policy development that is necessary for preserving human and animal health.
iCOMOS 2016 will feature keynote lectures and poster presentations in the following areas.
  • Balancing Personalized/Precision Medicine and Public Health in a Changing Environment.How do you balance the new potential for individualized health care with public health programs serving communities and populations, especially in the context of environmental pollution and climate change? Here, we highlight scientific complexities of individual and population health in animals and humans as impacted by environment.
  • Air Quality, Environmental Exposures, and Health. What is the science behind major air-related diseases and overall health, as well as the human and economic consequences of these diseases? iCOMOS examines the science and politics linking clean air and health.
  • Water at the Interface of Health, Economics, and Environment. The fundamental need for water quality and quantity is increasingly difficult to fulfill. Water policy balances human, animal, and environmental health needs, but each are measured by different standards. Relevant knowledge is often inexact or disputed. We present the challenges to achieving desirable health and economic consequences in water management.
  • Role of Science in Formulation of Local and Global Health Policy. Health policies that establish national and international social priorities are often influenced more by near-term economics and public emotion than by science. We will look at how science enlightens public policies for sustaining human, animal and environmental health.


Four concurrent workshops will address solution and implementation opportunities:
  • Tomorrow’s Health Science Workforce: Physician-Scientist and Team Science
  • One Health One Policy: Managing Risk En Route to Global Food Security
  • Big Data: The Language and Future of One Medicine One Science
  • Team Science Case Study: Canine and Human Epilepsy, a Model for Bidirectional Benefit

Who Should Attend

iCOMOS 2016 will be of interest to human and animal health care scientists and professionals, economists, trainees, environmental scientists, ethicists, public health and chronic disease specialists, and policy experts in health, agriculture, food, and environmental affairs.

Facilitated by

College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota
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