100K Strong COO

Chief Operating Officer

May 2016

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a critically important role, enabling the CEO and other
senior management to work most effectively with internal and external stakeholders and to
fulfill their commitments to achieving the goals of the 100,000 Strong Foundation. This is a
highly strategic position that requires focus and flexibility as well as a willingness to play
an active, behind-the-scenes role. As senior management’s “trusted counsel,” the role
requires a highly resourceful individual with strong emotional intelligence, self-motivation
and effective organizational skills. The ability to operate in a fast-paced “start-up”
environment is essential.

This full-time position reports directly to the CEO and encompasses the following primary
1. Oversee coordination of various inputs related to the financial position of the
Foundation, including but not limited to working with Board Treasurer to develop
and track annual budgets; liaising with external financial consultants (accounting
firm, bookkeeper, etc); and aligning fundraising activities with budget requirements.
The successful candidate will also work with the Chairman of the Finance
Committee of the Board of Directors to ensure effectives checks and balances are in
placed and implemented effectively.

2. Manage a small but growing team of staff associates and research assistants. The
successful candidate will manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the
Foundation’s Washington, DC office and guide the work of individual staff members.
He/she will be the primary internal-facing member of the management team, and
the primary mentor to and sounding board for junior staff. He/she will serve as the
communications bridge between staff and senior management, and will oversee
hiring efforts, as needed.

3. Liaise with external consultants, such as financial, communications, legal, office
lease, development, event planning and other experts with whom the Foundation
has contracts. Manage these contracts with an eye toward securing the best price
and outcome for the Foundation.

4. Coordinate special projects, such as the 1 Million Strong task force. The successful
candidate will be called on periodically to take the staff lead on management of
Foundation programs and projects. Initially, this will include the coordination of a
task force of experts in the education and technology fields who are advising the
foundation on the implementation of our effort to achieve President Obama’s goal of
seeing one million Americans at the K-12 level study Mandarin by 2020. Other
project opportunities may include, but are not limited to, events, advisory councils,
fundraising, branding and other developing priorities for the foundation.

Opportunities for Professional Development
The incumbent will gain highly valuable skills enabling him/her to gain a general
management perspective/role that encompasses the strategic, financial and operation
aspects of leading a non-profit. Specifically, the COO will:

• Develop an understanding of issues from an integrative, executive leadership
• Obtain firsthand experience of leadership and decision-making related to the
execution of a non-profit growth strategy
• Be exposed to senior government officials, executives and Board members, with the
opportunity to learn from their strengths and experiences
• Have access to formal professional development opportunities, budget allowing,
that augment their responsibilities as COO
Core Competencies
Critical core competencies for successful performance in this role include:
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Results/action-oriented focus
• Project management skills
• Organizational and political agility
• Unquestionable personal code of ethics and integrity
• Ability to work in fast-paced environment
• Strong strategic and financial management skills

Other Qualifications
• Minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience, including at least three (3) years
of management experience in business, government and/or non-profit sectors
• BA required; MA preferred
• Knowledge of and interest in China and US-China relations
• Knowledge of Mandarin a plus, but not required

Salary commensurate with qualifications. Eligible candidates should send a resume and
cover letter by May 15 to Linda Zhang, Special Assistant, at zhang@100kstrong.org.

Ms. Carmen Iezzi MEZZERA
Executive Director
Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs
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