May 11 lecture on Radio Free Europe

The Czech & Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota
Cordially invites you to a lecture by
Dr. Robert Holt

“Radio Free Europe”

When: Wednesday, May 11th, at 7:00PM
Where: University Club, 420 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN 55102

By 1950, the alliance that destroyed Nazi Germany had broken up. Both East and West were rearming and forming alliances. Part of the conflict was waged with words. One of the instruments of the United States in that war was Radio Free Europe (RFE) that made its first broadcast to Czechoslovakia in 1950. It had one medium wave station that was in West Germany near the Czech border. RFE subscribed to hundreds of newspaper from the satellite countries, and had stringers who interviewed people who had escaped. Of course there was political comment that was anti regime - the living reincarnation of Tsarist imperialism, Communist Commissars who were simply Tsarist oppressors in new uniforms. The RFE that I knew disappeared after the brutal Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. There were rumors that RFE had promised American aid for the neutralist government that had been established. When I visited RFE in 1958, everybody I had known at RFE were gone. RFE was a very different place …
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