Community-Based Course on Health Equity for Fall 2016

Innovative, Transformative, Community-Based Course on Health Equity for Fall 2016

This Fall, the University of Minnesota's Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility in partnership with the organization SocMed will offer an innovative new course entitled, Global Health in a Local Context: An experiential course on the social determinants, community engagement, and social action in Minnesota. Participants will explore the social determinants of health and health equity through the lens of social medicine and examine topics such as structural violence, social movements and social change, race and racism, the impact of neoliberal economics on health, storytelling and deep listening, power and privilege, and models of community-based care through both personal and interdisciplinary academic engagement with these themes.

The course will be "classroom-less" and entirely held in community settings such as a rural Hmong Farm, the Center for Social Healing, community health centers, the Minnesota Department of Health, and theatrical performance spaces. Community faculty who are leading health equity efforts in Minnesota will participate as part of the teaching team throughout the course. The course is open to both students enrolled in the UMN as well as non-UMN affiliated members of the community.
Meeting times will be Wednesdays from 5-8pm (September 7- December 14th, 2016) and include two intensive weekend days (September 17th and December 17th). Learn more and apply.

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