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We are seeking a Manager to join our dynamic team. This full-time position will initially focus on the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) research, working closely with the Director of Partnerships and Programs, the AII program team, and an international network of contributors to produce, analyze, and disseminate high quality research on transparency, accountability, governance and human development issues. AII will be entering its fifth round of research in July 2016; the Manager will play a key role in managing and improving the research, dissemination and engagement processes.

About Global Integrity

We’re a small team of motivated professionals dedicated to supporting progress toward open and accountable governance in countries and communities around the world. We believe that citizens have the right to shape the rules that govern their lives. Moreover, when governance is open and citizens are part of the process, societies are better able to address challenges such as corruption, poor service delivery, environmental degradation, and persistent poverty. Open and accountable governance is fundamental to inclusive and sustainable development. We support progress toward more open governance through a combination of data and research, country-level engagement and global advocacy.

For more information, visit our website and follow us on twitter.

Job Responsibilities

The Manager, based in Washington, DC (at the OpenGov Hub) and reporting to the Director of Programs and Partnerships, is responsible for the following:
Recruiting and virtually managing teams of in-country contributors and respondents.
Performing detailed, high-intensity quality control over the resultant data points (in the thousands), including fact checking and editing.
Providing capacity building, training, and providing detailed feedback and guidance to researchers and contributors.
Coordinating all logistical tasks associated with such research projects (including contracts management, payments management, and deadline management).
Refining and potentially developing research questions focused on transparency, accountability, governance and human development issues at the national, sub-national, and sector levels in Africa.
Designing outreach and dissemination activities, including public workshops, to promote uptake of published projects.
Managing relationships with assigned contacts, sectors, and/or countries of focus.
Representing the organization at conferences and networking events as necessary.

Global Integrity is a small, non-hierarchical, high-performing team at the leading edge of efforts to shape thinking, policy and practice on open governance. The person filling this position will have the opportunity to manage a key portion of the Africa Integrity Indicators work. As the AII work progresses, s/he will also have the opportunity to collaborate and perhaps lead on other projects, identifying new opportunities and expanding Global Integrity’s influence and role in the field.

Qualifications & Requirements

There is no cookie cutter ideal candidate for any position at Global Integrity. We are instead more interested in an individual’s drive, professionalism, and entrepreneurial energy. For this particular position, the following factors will strengthen an applicant’s candidacy:
Excellent written and spoken French and English are required. No exceptions.
At least five years of relevant experience in journalism, international development, political science, and/or related fields.
Graduate degree in a relevant area of study including, but not limited to, journalism, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, or development studies.
At least three years of experience working on research and ensuring consistent application of evidence-based research methodologies.
Demonstrated command of transparency, accountability, governance and development issues at the national, sub-national, and/or sector levels is strongly preferred.
Knowledge and experience working in Africa is strongly preferred.
Resourcefulness performing online research and disposition to provide guidance to others.
Experience in project management, including tracking contracts, payments, deadlines, workflow design, and virtual management of large teams of researchers.
Excellent writing and editing skills, preferably with experience in both short and long form (from blog posts to white papers).
Exceptional attention to detail, ability to perform on tight deadlines, and proven ability to communicate clear and concise instructions.
Proven ability to set priorities, manage time effectively, handle multiple on-going projects.
A commitment to Global Integrity’s mission.

Our Culture

Our office environment requires openness, collaboration and flexibility. Our staff has an uncommon diversity of responsibilities: from high-level strategy to online messaging to logistics issues; everyone contributes. You will develop new skills in this job; expect to learn and adapt constantly. We are very much a learning organization.

International literacy and cross-cultural sensitivity are considered core competencies.

Compensation and benefits

The position is a manager level position at Global Integrity; the compensation and benefits package is highly competitive.

Global Integrity provides high-quality health, dental and vision insurance policies, as well as a modest life insurance policy, to all full-time employees and currently pays 100% of the premiums associated with those benefits. Generous holiday and sick time are also provided. The organization also contributes to employees’ retirement accounts and provides for a transit benefit.

How to Apply
Please email with a brief cover letter and resume/CV, including the job title in your subject line.

Deadline for application: open until filled.

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