Call for Proposals: FEASt Symposium (Oct 7)

FEASt (Food, Environment, and Agricultural Studies group) and the ICGC (Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change), will be co-hosting a symposium this coming fall on October 7th, inviting discussion and exploration surrounding the themes of path-dependency, visions of agricultural futures, and social justice and equity in food systems.

FEASt is an interdisciplinary group that provides space for students in the natural sciences to critically navigate social, economic, and political concerns of the food and agricultural sciences. The ICGC is a University of Minnesota campus-wide center that seeks to foster an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural community of faculty and students committed to supporting and advancing research, education, and collaborative initiatives related to global change, with a focus on the global south.

By highlighting current research on contested topics in agriculture from diverse disciplinary perspectives, we hope to shift the conversation away from impasses such as ‘organic vs conventional’ towards a discourse that explores and challenges a multiplicity of frameworks for understanding and responding to global agricultural challenges. Award winning author, academic, and activist Raj Patel will be delivering a keynote address and we are seeking contributions from researchers and graduate students across a range of disciplines that interrogate and highlight contemporary research on contested topics in agriculture from diverse disciplinary perspectives.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a talk, poster, or to facilitate a breakout session, please see regarding topical areas of the symposium and guidelines. An abstract or session idea (500 word limit) should be submitted to by August 8, 2016. Questions should be directed to, Alex Liebman (, or Dan Raskin (

Dan Raskin, on behalf of FEASt and ICGC

M.S. candidate, Applied Plant Sciences
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
122 Borlaug Hall
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