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International Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Job Posters: To quickly inform over one thousand Minnesotans with an international inclination of your organization's job or volunteer opportunity, simply write membership@minnesotangos.org and provide a hyperlink to your position. This is a free service to all international organizations.

Job Seekers: If you are a job seeker, we invite you to enroll as a MINN member in order to receive the most timely information on international employment opportunities. MINN also encourages you to join the MINN LinkedIn group, via this link, to be informed of any new jobs posted by MINN LinkedIn members. After joining the MINN group, don't forget to sign up for the group daily digest to make sure you are informed, within 24 hours, of any new job opportunities.

Additional Sources
We encourage job seekers to check out the individual websites of international organizations of interest listed in MINN's organizational online directory.

Another great source for nonprofit jobs in Minnesota is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits website.
For job seekers, it never hurts to flex your networking muscle. We encourage you to check the MINN calendar for events to attend, where you can connect with others working in the international field.
Take it to the next level and join one of MINN's volunteer committees. Many people working in the international sector in Minnesota know of MINN and recognize the value of MINN volunteer experience. Where else can you volunteer with an NGO professional on a MINN event who might vouch for your organizational and teamwork skills at an interview down the road?

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