Research Dir, GiveDirectly (NY or London)

Research Director Full-time
New York or London, with travel to field locations
Reports to: President
Start date: As soon as possible

Background: GiveDirectly aims to reshape international giving. We provide an end-to-end platform that enables funders to provide direct cash transfers to the extreme poor. We are among the fastest-growing international development non-profits and are recipients of a Google Global Impact Award and a top rating from GiveWell.

Experimental impact evaluation is core to our work; our first evaluation (forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics) has been widely cited and discussed, and we currently have an ambitious portfolio of experimental work underway, working with leading scholars (e.g. Ted Miguel, Sendhil Mullainathan, Abhijit Banerjee, Alan Krueger) and covering issues ranging from the general equilibrium effects of transfers to the effects of a universal basic income to the optimal design of transfers using behavioral economics. The evidence we produce has driven debate both in press and policy circles (e.g., NPR’s This American Life, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, New York Times, The Guardian). We are also known for our extensive integration of technology into field processes and our quantitative approach to internal performance measurement.

We are looking for exceptional talent to help build a startup into a world-class organization. Our culture is professional, analytical, non-hierarchical, fast-paced, and blunt, and we’re looking for people that match that description. We are open to candidates from any industry; we typically recruit from top universities and private-sector firms and offer competitive salary and benefits.

Overview: The Research Director (RD) will help to define GiveDirectly’s research and thought-leadership agenda, contributing to how the organization both sets strategic goals internally and positions itself externally in the aid effectiveness discourse. The RD will be responsible for end-to-end management of all research processes, including scoping new initiatives, formulating designs, and ensuring delivery of high-quality research output for a range of projects (cash benchmarking, internal operations research, design experimentation etc). The RD will manage across multiple stakeholders, both internal (country offices, data team, partnerships) and external (fundraising & external research partners). Success in the role will be defined as GiveDirectly 1) producing fair, objective and impactful research results, 2) being perceived as a global leader in research rigor and integrity, and 3) having a well-coordinated research strategy that minimizes disruption to operations.


Scope/plan new research initiatives

Assess cost/benefit of potential research projects in order to quantify value to GD
Drive formulation of research design including pre-analysis plan, power calculations, and survey design
Provide inputs to partnership team drafting MoU/grant agreements with fundraising partners
Ensure delivery of high-quality output

Drive timelines and process management for research deliverables, including IRB, survey instruments, and data quality
Own communication between field/data/finance team and external research partners (where appropriate) to ensure on-time delivery and minimal disruption to field operations
Synthesize and disseminate results

Drive data analysis (for in-house projects)
Synthesize and disseminate results to maximize exposure and impact in appropriate media, policy, and donor circles (white papers, talks, blog posts etc.
Share results internally to leverage impact for field operations and fundraising
Generate leads for communications/fundraising team that enable effective and brand-aligned communication about what the organization is learning
Preferred attributes:

Strong training in economics, statistics, or related field (Master’s or PhD level)
Exceptional track-record designing and implementing top-quality research
Demonstrated ability to manage research projects with high level of complexity, challenging operational constraints, and multiple stakeholders
Strong ownership mind-set and enthusiasm for creating a playbook for success in the role

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