ICGC Co-Sponsored Event with the MN Cuba Committee

Film Screening of Diálogo con mi abuela / Dialogue with My Grandmother (2015)
and Discussion with Filmmaker Gloria Rolando

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 5pm, 1210 Heller Hall
271 19th Ave S, MPLS MN 55455

Abstract: “My grandmother, like many African descendants in Cuba, had her name from the old plantation masters: Abreu. Her testimony represents a small part of this vast army of "people without a history". For that past so full of pain, for the present and the future of the Cuban population descendants of slaves; for these 130 years of the abolition of slavery in Cuba in the year 2016. For these reasons and many others, I made this work of 40 minutes' duration where the dialog can also give voice to those of us who disagree with the representations made of the black population in Cuba and elsewhere. The colonial stereotypes that fill the eyes of tourists. The vulgar, cheap and disrespectful crafts that ignore the true history and social contributions of black men and women. They are obviously ignorant of the true images that with passion, respect, and tenderness are shown in "Dialog with my grandmother."

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