openGlobalRights receives New Funding

I am delighted to report that openGlobalRights has recently received new funding from the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation. These funds will help us create a stand-alone platform that will continue to publish cutting-edge, easily accessible articles on human rights politics and strategy, as well as podcasts, video, and an interactive tool for exploring the public opinion human rights data collected by ourselves and others.

Please consider submitting your own article of 800-1000 words to our managing editor, Archana Pandya (; it's often best to begin with a paragraph-long “pitch”, which allows our editors to provide feedback before you invest scarce writing time. Please encourage colleagues and graduate students to consider submitting, as well as your overseas partners; we are especially interested in submissions from the global South, and accept articles in any language. We translate most of our publications into two or more languages.

James Ron
Harold E. Stassen Chair in International Affairs
Humphrey School of Public Affairs & Department of Political Science
University of Minnesota

openGlobalRights is supported by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Department of Political Science at the University of Minnesota; the Ford Foundation; the Open Society Foundation; and the University of Ottawa. It publishes in up to 22 languages, and has dedicated social media channels in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. For a recent Ford-commissioned external evaluation, please see here
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