Nov. 5-Great Decisions Conference: International Migration and the Changing Face of America

Join us for in-depth discussions on the greatest mobility in human history happening across the globe, with featured speaker Tom Gjelten, National Public Radio correspondent and author. Tom and other speakers will take the podium at our ninth annual Great Decisions conference for a look at international migration trends, causes, and consequences.

A morning panel session will feature young immigrant stories and the afternoon session will examine the economic impact of immigrants.
Additional Speakers:
  • Sadiq Abdirahman, Minnesota Department of Administration
  • Bill Blazar, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Susan Brower, Minnesota State Demographic Center
Friday, November 4  |  9:00 am 
*Registration fee for students is $10.

This material was cross-posted from Global Minnesota, and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only.
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