UPTOGOOD: Calling for Social Impact Storytellers and Campaigners

Many of our friends from the PCDN community are up to good, looking to raise funds for yourself or others, start a petition, or rally people around a pledge to gain support for social impact projects.We want to introduce to you a cool new video and storytelling platform for doing GOOD together called UPTOGOOD.org that can help you do just that. UPTOGOOD is a fundraising and social action platform for GOOD powered by the stories you tell.

Most of us have felt that tug in our hearts after watching an inspiring video. UPTOGOOD is a big believer in the power of storytelling and its ability to move people. Stories have an enormous potential to catalyze positive change by taking an abstract issue and making it personal. UPTOGOOD was built to champion these #StoriesThatMatter and provide an accessible way for people to direct their inspiration into action to generate more GOOD together
UPTOGOOD helps you harness the power of your story, and offers you, the campaign host, the changemaker, and inspirer, an easy way to build a social impact campaign around your video, whether that’s a documentary film or a selfie video, via four calls to actions: FUNDit, SIGNit, PROMISEit, SHAREit.

Create your UPTOGOOD impact campaign around your story today! If you are interested in collaborating with us in a bigger scale or would like to get support for your campaign, as part of our community at PCDN, UPTOGOOD is offering personalized campaign support for a limited time. Click here to learn more. Apply with your interest to Partners@UPTOGOOD.org with reference code: PCDN, get started with your campaign today! Impact-minded individuals, storytellers, businesses and nonprofits are all welcome!

P.S.: Not quite ready now, but like the idea of others (perhaps inspired by your work!) starting campaigns on UPTOGOOD to raise funds for you? All you need is an UPTOGOOD account to have others make you their beneficiary. Don’t leave money on the table! Take 30 seconds toset up your UPTOGOOD account today!
Watch. Get inspired. Act. We look forward to seeing you get UPTOGOOD!

This material was cross-posted from PCDN and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community. This is meant for information sharing purposes only.
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