Humphrey School/IonE team at COP22 Morocco

We are working on a number of products from the trip, including:
  • a composite blog post to be hosted at IonE (forthcoming)
  • a blog post by Ellen Anderson at the Energy Transition Lab
  • I am working on a reflection of Trump's presidency on climate policy after coming out of the Marrakech trip (forthcoming)
Participants are:

Jill Rook (MS-STEP, 2nd year)
Aaron Hanson (MS-STEP, 2nd year)
Halston Sleets (MS-STEP, 2nd year)
Peder Garnaas-Halvorson (MS-STEP, 1st year)
Brianna Denk (MS-STEP, 1st year)
Jen Kader (MURP, 2nd year)
Kate Barry (College of Veterinary Medicine)
Ellen Anderson (UMN Law School and Institute on the Environment: Energy Transition Lab)
Melissa Hortman (Representative, Minnesota House of Representatives)
Gabe Chan (Assistant Professor, UMN Humphrey School)

Gabe Chan
Assistant Professor
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
301 19th Avenue S., Office 161, Minneapolis, MN 55455

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