PA 5801 Global Public Policy What does Trump’s election mean for global politics?

Prof. James Ron
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Spring Semester 2017 Tuesdays, 6:00-8:45 PM
Humphrey School 184 – West Bank Campus

What does Donald Trump’s election mean for global politics? Is Trump a “realist,” and if so, what policies might he and his team pursue? What will happen with NATO, U.S.-Russia relations, world trade, international finance, climate change, human rights, humanitarian intervention, the rise of China, and U.S.-Mexico relations? What might a feminist theorist say about our current moment in global politics?

Explore the answers to these and other questions in Public Affairs (PA) 5801: Global Public Policy, taught by Prof. James Ron, who holds the Stassen Chair for International Affairs at the U. Ron has worked with, or for, the Associated Press, International Red Cross, CARE, Human Rights Watch, the Canadian government, and the military; he incorporates insights from those experiences into his teaching.

PA 5801 is recommended for graduate students from any discipline with a keen interest in global politics and the possible impacts of a Trump administration on the world.

To get a start on reading the required books for this course – all international politics “best-sellers” - please email
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