Jan 31: Speak Out Against Muslim Ban

Dear Beloved Humphrey Community,

I apologize for the redundancy of this email across groups. I reach out to you as a Syrian-Muslim who has come to call America her new home; as a friend of many wonderful people who have come to the United States seeking liberation and opportunity. As you probably already know, the executive orders signed on Friday bans immigrants and refugees from Muslim majority countries, including Syria. These orders have already affected people I care about.

Tomorrow, at the US Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis, at 4:30, there will be protests to speak out against the Muslim Ban. I ask you to join me. If you have come to see me, other immigrants, refugees or Muslims from the countries listed as your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, than I request your support in the march tomorrow.

Thomas Jefferson swore on the Quran; there were Native American Muslims far before any of us made it here. Steve Jobs, a refugee from Syria, gave us all the fancy iPhones and Apple products we use everyday. Our state representative, Ihan Omar, represents the very person Trump wishes to ban from the country. Muslims and immigrants are a part of what makes this country great, and Donald Trump needs to know that.

If you wish to come along, I will plan on leaving from the Humphrey Atrium at 4pm to take the light rail over to the Government Plaza Station to join the march. Hope to see many of you there.



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