Chief Technical Adviser, Interfaith Mediation Center (Nigeria)

Closes: Mar 17, 2017

Manage and monitor the project plan to ensure successful completion of all plan activities and delivery of the project on schedule
Provide sound technical advice and requisite guidance to the IMC team on all project activities
Always facilitate strategic plan development and effective implementation of the project plan.
Prepare various achievement reports and submit them on agreed timeframe
Oversee regular evaluation of IMC impact in target communities, and assist in the development of a data-driven culture at IMC, in which strategy is developed based on analysis of past project impacts
Increase the number and quality of women’s participation in all aspects of the TOLERANCE project and across IMC network
Manage and monitor the budget to ensure that the project is delivered within budget
Establish a team culture across all tolerance activities and IMC
Regularly give feedback to staff under the project
Persuade all staff under the project to accomplish their tasks on time
Must always effectively and efficiently communicate changes, plans, next steps and direction of the project for everyone on the project to feel carried along
Ensure that all requirements of the project donor are satisfactorily completed in a timely manner
Read and analyze conflict situations from the CPAN data system, including election conflicts, and advise IMC management appropriately. Oversee effective CPAN operations.
Observe high standards of personal integrity and professionalism in all aspects of IMC work
Any other duty(s) that may be assigned from time to time.

Note: Kindly provide a Letter of Intent, Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.

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