Colleen Waterston (MDP '13): Big Shared World

I love keeping up with the HHH community through this listserve and seeing updates from campus and abroad. I wanted to share my own update, in case it would be suitable for GlobalNotes.

A couple years ago, I set off on a big journey to travel the world and ask people the same three questions in an effort to better understand global perspectives. I wanted to see what other people thought and felt about the big issues we all face today. In the spirit of good question design, I even sought insight from Humphrey faculty and some fellow alums to come up with strong questions to ask people from all walks of life.

The Big Shared World 3 questions:
1) What does a good life mean to you?
2) In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to humanity today?
3) What do you think the world will be like 50 years from now?

Over 15 months of travel, I went to 40 countries and asked over 700 people those three questions. Along the way, I even connected with three of the International Fellows who were at Humphrey during my time there - one in India, United Kingdom, and Swaziland!
My ultimate goal has always been to write a book about this experience to share with people back home that could start more conversations about our Big Shared World. Now, I have finished the travels and am working on finishing the book to release it this coming summer.

You can learn more about my project -

You can see a video about my project and my book's pre-order campaign here -

Also, there's a shorter video available on the BSW Facebook page (pinned at the top of the page) -

Thanks for taking the time to check out my project. I hope to share more about it with the Humphrey community in the months ahead. I'm happy to answer any questions about it, or connect on how I could share it further with the HHH channels. I know we all love to support our fellow alums!

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