Project Manager, REFUNITE (Pakistan)

REFUNITE is looking for a highly organized Project Manager for a new project involving displaced families in Pakistan as well as the wider mobile ecosystem in Pakistan

VACANCY: Project Manager (Interactive Voice Response And Call Center)
Posted Mar 15 17

Are you a strong project manager with several years of experience managing technical projects in difficult environments? Are you based in Pakistan and fluent in English and either Pashto or Urdu? Do you thrive in entrepreneurial environments with freedom to shape new projects? Then this role is for you. This new role will be based out of Islamabad in Pakistan. You should only apply if you are based in Pakistan or willing to relocate to Pakistan in 2017.

REFUNITE is looking for a highly organized Project Manager for a new project involving displaced families in Pakistan as well as the wider mobile ecosystem in Pakistan. This is a senior role (8 years of professional experience needed) with significant responsibilities. You will liaise with partners, such as mobile operators, Ericsson, United Nations agencies, software providers, local and national authorities as well as refugees and displaced people. You are equally curious about call center operations, research, prototypes, product development and growth as well as product design. We are looking for candidates with several years of experience managing technical projects. The ideal candidate will have worked for a call center, a mobile company, a technology company or a software company in Pakistan and have an extensive network in Pakistan. As you will be our eyes and ears on-the-ground it is important that you are a strong communicator who can represent us in various settings.

A national toll-free hotline for families separated by the displacements in Pakistan will be established by REFUNITE, Ericsson and a diverse group of mobile partners. The hotline will register separated families and provide a mechanism by which separated families can reconnect. The Project Manager will spearhead the launch of the call centre, obtain shortcodes, develop standard operating procedures, oversee staff training, and work with humanitarian clusters. The Project Manager will also support the development of other, REFUNITE touch points, such as SMS, USSD and WEB, including field research and usability testing.


More than 600,000 people have registered with REFUNITE, making it the biggest platform for separated refugee families and displaced people globally. As part of REFUNITE’s global efforts to reconnect separated families, REFUNITE will expand into Pakistan in 2017. With support from H&M Foundation and technical staff members from Ericsson, REFUNITE’s family reconnection platform will be made widely available in Pakistan in the coming years. REFUNITE continues to seek new ways of registering families. Pakistan is home to at least 1.8 million internally displaced people and 1.5 million refugees. In order to make mobile family reconnection services accessible to all in Pakistan, regardless of literacy, we plan to:
Open a hotline in 2017 to reconnect displaced families
Make the family reconnection platform available via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Engage women in the process (i.e. through testing, research and prototyping)

Furthermore, in order to support cross-border reconnections between Pakistan and Afghanistan, we will focus on researching our market entry intro Afghanistan. This will entail market research and analysis of the landscape in Afghanistan and supporting both partnerships and product development for this market.

REFUNITE is based in Nairobi, Kenya, employing a passionate group of 25 people across technology, UX, research, communications, and product/business development. You will lead project management in Pakistan in close collaboration with REFUNITE’s team in Kenya. You will help us further develop and test the first version of the IVR prototype, engaging our users from displaced communities, and often under-represented groups. In addition, you will provide day-to-day support to various REFUNITE teams. Your overall responsibilities include:
Establishment and day-to-day operations of the call center
Creating access to REFUNITE’s platform via Interactive Voice Response
Providing support to REFUNITE’s overall strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan
Supporting research and testing trips (frequent visits to camps to be expected)

Your role will include the following aspects:
Spearhead the launch of the hotline in Pakistan (obtaining shortcodes, recruiting staff, setting up CRM systems, developing scripts)
Develop written scripts for staff to follow and support the design of telephone routing systems to ensure that callers are quickly able to obtain the information they require.
Test, optimize and localize REFUNITE’s IVR platform (in close coordination with Ericsson, mobile partners, and displaced communities)
Lead operations in the call center and supervise staff to ensure targets are met
Ensure smooth functioning of the call centre and linkages to humanitarian clusters.
Analyze data to monitor progress (i.e. through dashboards and CRM systems)
Acquiring new users in Pakistan (using various channels to grow our platform)
Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders
Researching markets in both Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to create the foundation for a launch of REFUNITE’s services in both countries
Representing REFUNITE in meetings with stakeholders (preparing agendas & notes)
Coordinate with various partners on-the-ground, such as mobile operators, United Nations Agencies, refugees and displaced people, and national authorities
Assessing technological/technical risk and opportunity
Support the execution of REFUNITE’s Product Roadmap in Pakistan
Ensure a continuous flow of communication and collaboration between activities in Pakistan and the rest of the organization.


A successful candidate will have the following characteristics:
A minimum of eight years of professional experience
Candidates from the private sector are preferred (i.e. from mobile companies)
Several years of experience managing projects with many stakeholders
A BA in Business Administration, project management or a related field.
Ideally fluent in either Urdu or Pashto
Candidates with research, survey or interview experience are preferred
Entrepreneurial mindset; always ready to solve new challenges
Able to work remotely and independently, yet keep colleagues in Nairobi informed
You are on top of the greatest technology tools that can save time and money
You bring out the best in people and help them grow and develop

Be part of a dynamic, international startup environment where your ideas and thoughts will be able to shape REFUNITE’s future significantly.
This role will require international travels to Kenya as well, where REFUNITE’s headquarters is based.

If this role is for you, please apply through our recruitment portal HERE using the headline IVR Project Manager, Pakistan, and include a motivational letter outlining why you are REFUNITE’s new IVR project manager.

All candidates will be asked to complete: a writing test and a case.

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